“Freud suggests that in order to love someone else, one must love themselves; it's a classic "needs before other needs" argument. Unfortunately, no one really loves themselves. And, if they do, they need to get to know themselves better. Unfortunately, no one is really happy.”

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make me choose |  asked: james mcavoy or michael fassbender?

make me choose - anonymous asked: jennifer lawrence or evan peters?

make me choose - roguetimebot asked:  rogue/gambit or kitty/bobby

make me choose - sebastiunstan asked: anna paquin or ellen page?

make me choose - anonymous asked: colossus or quicksilver?

make me choose - dystopiass asked: ellen page or evan peters?

make me choose - roguetimebot asked: iceman or pyro?

make me choose - ecclestns asked: (in movies) rogue/marie or kitty pride/shadowcat?

make me choose - youbroughtmeyourhate asked: from BBC version, sherlock and john or sherlock and irene? (and this was the hardest decision of my life tbh)

make me choose - rezengerous asked: steve rogers or oliver queen?